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1. What is Property Direct (PD)?

Property Direct is Singapore’s first property website dedicated to empowering property owners and landlords with the right tools and knowledge to manage any property transaction without an agent and pay zero commission.

2. What is the benefit of dealing direct?

Save thousands of dollars in commission: Property commissions are the single most expensive service fees that we encounter in our lives and you do not need to pay it with Property Direct.


3. How do I save on commission?

Advertise with PD and connect directly with buyers/tenants

4. How do I advertise with PD?

Post and publish an ad in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Register at

Step 2: Select an ad package

Step 3: Create your ad

Step 4: Pay & publish!


5. Where can I find information of the packages?

Please see attached or visit and scroll down to “Advertise with Us”


6. Why should I take a paid package when a free one is available?

A paid package ensures that your ad is a Featured Listing, making it appear at the top of searches.  In addition your ad will be featured in our social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram) to get more exposure and bang for your buck!

And you are able to showcase far more photos of your property therefore enticing prospective buyers/tenants and your ad stays live for a longer period of time (double or triple)

The free package excludes all the above and usually lands at the bottom of searches.


7. Why is taking an ad with PD better than advertising on print media?

On print media, you would pay at least $40 for a short ad cramped in with other ads with nothing to differentiate the ads.  There are no photos or descriptive write-ups therefore limiting how much information you are able to share.

With PD, you are able to put up 6 to 12 photos (on our paid packages) and give a full description of your property.

You can also request that Salespeople do or do not contact you.  While with print ads, you are most likely to be contacted by Salespeople only.


8. How do I pay for your packages?

We have 4 payment means available for your convenience:

Bank transfer to Property Direct Pte Ltd – UOB 3353 048 145

By Cheque: Please make it payable to Property Direct Pte Ltd and mail it to

8 Burn Road, #17 – 01 Trivex, Singapore 369977.  At the back of the cheque, please write your property’s address and your contact number.

Alternatively, the cheque can be dropped into UOB’s Cheque Drop Box.

PayPal through our portal by signing in with your user name and password and select your preferred package.

You can also use too.  Just click on the link and key in the payment amount ($39 or $699) and you are good to go!


9. I am not computer savy, can you help?

Most certainly!  We will need your email address and other information about your property.  Our staff are at hand to help you.


10. I do not have an email address/computer/internet/smart phone, does that mean I cannot advertise with you?

Not at all….. we can still help.  With your permission, we will create an email address for you.  And we will mention in the ad for interested buyers/tenants to call or text/sms you for more information.


11. How do interested buyers/tenants contact me?

It is so easy for them to contact you.  They just need to type a short message with their name, email and phone number.  You will then receive an email alert.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to receive emails, we then suggest that it is clearly indicated for interested parties to phone or text/sms you.  However, there will still be a few who will email you.


12. How do you know netizens are visiting your website?  Will I get enough exposure?

Indeed you will get a lot of exposure, especially on the paid packages because we advertise further on our various social media platforms.

The trend these days shows that people are looking for just about anything they need online.  And now they are looking for property too!

It is very timely that PD has been launched to serve the market in this area.  In addition our data analysis shows that thousands of people are visiting our website every month.


13. What do I do when my property is sold/rented?

Just log-in with your user ID and password and change the status.


14. Who are the people behind PD?

Our founders have more than 20 years of experience in real estate.  Through their vision and foresight, they have launched this portal to ensure that they are able to respond to market changes and needs.


15. What are your Property Manager (PM) services?

For a flat fee, our PMs can help conduct viewings/open houses if you need assistance in this area.  In addition, they are able to assist with documentation too.


16. I have just sold/rented out my property.  Are you still able to help me?

Yes, in fact we have support services to help most areas of owning a property.  Our additional services include Lawyer, Mortgage, Documentation, Interior Design and Handyman just to name a few.  We are a one-stop property service portal.


17. Since you do not charge typical Agent Fees, how do you earn revenue?

You are right that you will not incur Agent fee/commission when you deal direct with buyers/tenants through advertising with Property Direct.  We offer very affordable advertisement packages and throw in additional services too.

Additionally, we offer support services that most property owners will need at some point of their property ownership and charge a flat fee.


18. How are you different from other established property portals?

These established online portals serve Real Estate Agents mainly.  These agents take up memberships with these portals which gives them a platform to find buyers and tenants.

At Property Direct, we serve property owners providing advertising space to enable them to connect directly with buyers/tenants with the intention of saving on commission.  We offer several other support services as mentioned in Q16.

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