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Professional property management services can make a big difference


Managing a property requires seeking out tenants, collecting monthly rental payments, maintaining the property, handling complaints from the tenants, keeping tabs on expenses and the list goes on.


Why choose us?

Yes, we know that you may think that your property agent can double up and manage your property too. You may be one of the lucky ones, but for the rest of us, the odds are stacked against us because of the property agent’s operating model. pdmanager

In short, you need someone in the long term because the current seller’s stamp duties in Singapore means that you need to manage your property for a good 4 to 5 years. Here are some great reasons to choose us to manage your investment property.


Management services

No commission:  We do not collect commission. Instead we offer flat fees for services rendered, an assurance of our long-term commitment of the best services to you and your property.

Effective marketing and services: We expose your property to a wide range of prospective tenants by using:

  • Major property rental websites
  • Our large database of prospective tenants
  • Our list of executive and corporate clients
  • Re-location companies for executive rentals
  • Property Manager services provided include: conducting open houses, inspections, handovers, documentation

Maintenance­: We act on repairs according to your instructions and maintain complete records for future reference,invoice attached for your reference.  Negotiations & Disputes- We will shield you from any disputes with your tenants, most of which can be solved expediently if handled with professionalism and diplomacy

Property Management Specialists:  We help manage, maintain and lease your properties with our expert attention, if you are not able to rent out, we could even rent it from YOU!


Contact us at 6634 0440 to find out how we can tailor our services to your specific needs and maximise the returns on your property.

You can be confident that we will care for your property as if it was ours!



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